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 David Martin was born in Broxbourne in Hertfordshire and was taught to play guitar by his father when he was 7 years old.

Dzal Martin

He turned professional when he was 21 and then formed his own band 'No Dice' when he was 24. It was then that he was nicknamed Dzal, for no particular reason, by the band's manager. At the time, because there were many Davids but no Dzals on guitar, it seemed a good idea to stay with he did. The spelling?...because it was easy to scribble quickly!

No Dice

After two albums, a top 50 single and tours of Europe and the USA, sadly, 'No Dice' split up and Dzal went on to become a hired gun. Since then he has worked as a session player (both live and recording) for many accomplished artists and bands including Terry Reid, Rick Wakeman, Alvin Stardust, Cheetah, Whitney Houston, Meatloaf, Roxette, Nazareth, Nick Kershaw, Tom Robinson, Phil Spalding, Edwina Hayes, Ben Elton, Alan Bleasdale, Right Said Fred and the Equals to name but a few...

In 1980, Dzal contributed towards what was probably Adrian Snell's best known album; The Passion. It featured the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra alongside some of the world's finest rock musicians - Simon Phillips (drums), John Perry (bass), Dzal Martin, Kevin Peake, and Gordon Giltrap (guitars). The Passion has been, and continues to be, performed in front of tens of thousands, particularly in Europe.

In 1983, he was also one of the core guitarists on the "Box of Frogs" project which was formed by Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Paul Samwell Smith (band members of the Yardbirds) in collaboration with singer John Fiddler of Medicine Head. These two very successful albums also included performances from legendary guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Paige, Earl Slick, Steve Hackett and Rory Gallagher as well as guest vocals by Ian Drury, Graham Parker and Roger Chapman. After this Dzal also contributed guitars to Jim McCarty's solo projects.

The Box of Frogs
The Box of Frogs 'Strangeland' album

Box Of Frogs: John Fiddler (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, synthesizer, percussion); Chris Dreja (guitar, percussion, background vocals); Paul Samwell-Smith (synthesizer, bass, percussion, background vocals); Jim McCarty (drums, percussion, background vocals).

Additional personnel: Ian Dury, Graham Parker, Roger Chapman (vocals); Jimmy Page, John Knightsbridge, Steve Hackett, Jeff Beck (guitar); Dzal Martin (electric & slide guitars); Rory Gallagher (electric & slide guitars, acoustic & electric sitars); Ray Majors (guitar, percussion, background vocals); Mark Feltham (harmonica); Guy Barker (trumpet); Geraint Watkins (piano); Peter-John Vettesse (piano, keyboards, synthesizer); David Clayton, Max Middleton (keyboards, synthesizer); Neil Lockwood, Julie Roberts, Carroll Thompson (background vocals).

Engineers: Max Norman, Jeremy Allom, Louis Austin, Stephen Street, Gary Edwards, Simon Hanhart.

After the track "Back Where I Started" was in the top ten in the U.S, plans were made for a U.S. tour which would have propelled the Box of Frogs band to the top and Jeff Beck, along with Dzal, were considered as the lead guitarists for this tour. Unfortunately, it never to took place which was a great blow to Dzal, Jeff Beck and John more:

In the spring of 1988, Alan Bleasdale released his highly acclaimed production of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' dedicated to the late great king of rock 'n' roll Elvis Presley. Dzal was one of the core guitarists for this alongside Jeff Crampton. Others involved in the project were:

Artistic Credits:

Directors: Bill Kenwright & Richard Lewis
Musical Director: Rod Edwards
Designer: Voytek
Lighting: Dave Horn
On the Book: Michelle Jackson


Piano/Synthesisers: Rod Edwards
Keyboards/Guitar: Dave Burley
Electric Guitar: Jeff Crampton & Dzal Martin
Drums/Percussion: David Dowle
Bass Guitar:
Glen Muscroft

Alongside playing guitar, Dzal has written and co-written many songs over he years. See the Song writing page for more details.

On August 13 2006, one of Dzal's song writing partners, Edwina Hayes, performed at the Half Moon in Putney. Dzal joined her and the evening proved to be a huge success. Read the review by Trevor Raggett:

Dzal recently performed in the west end musical "We Will Rock You" based on a story written by Ben Elton around a collection of Queen songs. It proved to be a colossal hit in London and won the 2003 Theatregoers Choice Award for Best New Musical. See:

We Will Rock You by Ben Elton
Ben Elton's 'We will Rock You' production.

Currently, Dzal can be seen performing live with the "Jo Burt Experience" band regularly once a month on a Wednesday at the Bull's Head Barnes starting 8:30pm. See: and

Jo Burt Experience 2009
Dzal Martin and the Jo Burt Experience at the ACT Theatre Kingston (2009)

Equipment used by Dzal


  • '88 modified Fender Squier Stratocaster

  • '64 Fender Stratocaster Reissue

  • '62 Fender Telecaster

  • '87 Gibson 335

  • 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard

  • '59 Gibson Les Paul Junior

  • Danelectro U2

  • Danelectro Baritone

  • Lebeda Dobro Style acoustic

  • '71 Martin D18 Acoustic

  • Furch Acoustic

  • Hohner G3

  • Gibson J 35 acoustic

  • Martin Style 2 Ukelele


  • '67 Vox AC 30 Top Boost

  • Peavey Delta Blues

  • Marshall DSL 2000 100w

Dzal Martins '87 Gibson 335 guitar
Dzal's '87 Gibson 335 guitar


Dzal is available as a professional session player for recording and performing live and is capable of playing guitar across a diverse number of music styles including country, blues, rock, soul, funk, pop and folk.

He is a versatile and experienced player and has a wide repertoire of cover songs for all types of live work and is also adept at playing electric and acoustic slide plus finger picking and flat pick acoustic guitar.

He hopes you enjoy your visit here and looks forward to hearing from you especially should you need any exceptional guitar playing on your next recording session or a reliable and proficient guitarist and backing vocalist for any future live gigs!


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