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Rehearsing for a gig with Mo Foster (bass player & author of the book 'British Rock Guitar'). Some fine stories of course. 

Enjoyed played a nice gig with Lee Ryder's Blues band in Windsor.

Also had a very interesting night playing with the Easy Tiger's at Cotton's Club in Clerkenwell, London which also had an Opera singer and Jewish Italian comic on the same bill!

Another great night performing with Jo Burt at the Bull's Head in Barnes and more gigs to come with him in November/December including:

Bull's head ~ Barnes ~ 14th November 2011

Half Moon ~ Putney ~ 23rd November 2011

Thomas Tripp ~ Christchurch in Hants ~ 9th and 10th December 2011

See Dzal live with Terry Reid performing 'Raging Storm' at the  Rhythm Festival  28th August 2011: 

Now getting back to working on my own potential album slowly but surely, some drum tracks down by the fab Gary Ferguson (Ace LA drummer-Gary Moore, Larry Carlton, John Hiatt, Edgar Winter and MANY others)

But more European travel with the Equals looming so I'm off to work!
Cheers, Dzal


Just had a very busy period Aug/Sept working again with the great Terry Reid - The Rhythm Festival in Beds (where I met the legendary Steve Cropper) and 3 nights at Ronnie Scott's club in Soho, every one different and some blinding playing by everyone. This interspersed with trips to Germany and Bavaria with the Equals and gigs in London and the West country as part of the Jo Burt Experience.

See Dzal live with The Jo Burt Experience performing at the Castle Cary 13 August 2011:

See also: 

MARCH 2012

Winter seems to be receding. Amongst other events found myself next to Kenny Jones at a Preview of a Small Faces musical show where I asked if he remembered their gig in Hertford Corn Exchange , the first live show I ever saw-and lo-he did !

Witnessed Clint Black @ a BMI/CMA song writing evening in Islington (Really!) and in one night went to a Trevor Horn 'Producers' gig and saw the amazing Albert Lee/Hogan's Heroes in Putney MARCH.

This month has been mostly working on my own album doing some acoustic and dobro guitars, and Keys by Munch Moore,  plus some gigs with Jo Burt Experience in London and the West country-Ooh-Ah indeed.

Also the hot news is rehearsals have started for the Re-Union gig of 'No Dice', my old rock band who split 30 yrs ago!

May 16, 2012 at the legendary Dingwalls in Camden, London is the date to be at. It's sounding great and huge fun. Tickets are selling well already, get there! There's a No Dice Facebook page and with the details.

Following straight after it's back in the Terry Reid saddle for June gigs at the Jazz Café and Isle of Wight Festival, and some London stuff with Jo Burt too I believe. Twangtastic!

Cheers, Dzal

MAY 2012

Pretty much as predicted previously I've been playing a lot over the last couple of months-many gigs with the Jo Burt Experience either around London or Hampshire/Dorset/Somerset clubs and festivals.

Dzal and Jo burt

Dzal with Jo Burt

Also the No Dice re-union gig happened and was remarkably successful after much planning and rehearsal. A full house of old Fans plus new friends and 'though I say it myself, we rocked! Felt as if no time had passed, a great evening with only one downer-10 mins after we finished playing the Dingwall's staff were ushering the audience out of the building!

This is becoming habitual -certainly @ many London venues -and makes me angry. You pay for a night's entertainment, inflated drink prices , often rude and belligerent staff (Not in Dingwalls case) and then are chucked out once they've had your money even 'though you'd like to chill out and talk about the show etc. Time to rebel I think!

Here's a link for the show-other stuff I've done seems to pop up there too if you're interested:

JUNE 2012

I have been chipping away at my own project alongside everything else-some fine keyboards by Richard Causon, bass by Canadian Barry Lamb, more guitars by me and the first Lead vocal now under the belt. Every session sounds better and better, I'm jolly excited.

Also a jaunt to Germany with the Equals, a double show day- one in an 8k seater where Sir Elton plays next month- and then an open air theatre where Eric Faulkner borrowed my spare guitar having omitted to bring his a gig??

2 nights @ the Jazz Café with the great Terry Reid on 14/15th.  Rumer guested on both gigs duetting on 'Brave Awakening', a Terry song she's covered on her new album 'Boys don't Cry'. Link here:

I'm to her left on Baritone but camera person missed that!

Elvis Costello was watching on Thurs night.

Next it's the Isle of Wight Festival with T. Reid on Saturday. Please let it not rain and a smooth crossing!

See you next time ,shipmates :)


Ooh-er.Bit of a gap since last report. Did do the Isle of Wight Festival with Terry Reid which was fantastic- dry, organised, great gig, great audience, great catering ..and no seasickness Also met the late Andy Fraser of Free. I was @ their debut gig in Chester all those years ago. A fine chap and his playing!!

Dzal martin and Andy Fraser

Dzal with Andy Fraser

Otherwise a few jaunts to Europe with the Equals and shows with Jo Burt, Lee Ryder Blues Band and some fun at Jay Stapely's Hootenanny evenings: (I get a go @ 2'56) You should check it; not all country- 'tho last week 'Thriller' WAS performed to banjo accompaniment!

The No Dice show in May was filmed, better quality than you Tube clips, so you can get a taste of the evening here: I like the talky bits!

Terry Reid returned for a short tour in October, we played the marvellous Ronnie Scott's club again always a blast. Ash Soan back on kit fresh from playing with..just about everybody.

So back to the legendary album of mine- more sublime Richard Causon kbds have been added, and a special guest performer has been recorded too- I am thrilled.

Laters. Dz.

JUNE 2013

Whoops, bit of a gap again I see! So a brief resume...
Since Nov 2012, I've been travelling and working with diverse acts including Lee Ryder's Blues Band, The Equals, Trembling Wilburys, Jo Burt Experience and random odd gigs. Several jaunts to Germany, Belgium and 2 weeks in Canada-which was HUGE fun, a great country and everyone really IS friendly, positive and gets British humour and music.

In between all that, continuing with the on going solo album which is much nearer the home stretch. Now mainly vocals to do among some twangy odds and ends. There is an Electric Sitar on one song! And it STILL remains really exciting-I can't wait to hear it myself :)

Also took time out to record basic tracks for the upcoming Jo Burt LP, a blast too-great players on board and even found myself playing along side Andy Fairweather Low, a great guitarist AND he sang bvs. Producer is the legendary Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones et al-Google him!)

Which brings me nicely to now. Chris also produced the 'Rogue Waves' Album by....Terry Reid who I played 2 nights with recently @ London's Borderline. A new rhythm section of Phil Gould (Level 42) and Jennifer Maidman (John Martyn) on great bass, BJ Cole and Richard Causon (Tom Jones) completed the line up.

Story so far, will try to be more up to date in future-slap my wrist :)

Cheers, Dzal

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