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The first spark...
Dzal began writing songs when he was 16. His first song was called 'Property'...if only he'd hung on and sold it in the 90's boom! He went on to write and co-write tracks with his band 'No Dice' on two albums that were released in the late 70's both in the UK and in the USA.

Dzal Martin

Getting rocky...
Around 1984, he spent 12 months writing songs with a rock edge with John Fiddler, ( the singer from the 'Box of Frogs' project.

Going country...
Around the mid 80's Dzal became interested in the new country style of music coming out of Nashville and began writing material with Victoria Horn (see:

He then went on to collaborate with Phil Rynhart and Barry Owen under the collective name of Turner West. Their eponymous debut album received extensive national radio play and was nominated for 'Country Album of the Year' in 2007. See Live Radio Interview.

More partners in rhyme...
Dzal has also co-written with Edwina Hayes:

Kris Wilkinson aka Cicero Buck:

Victoria Horn who has since had some top 5 successes:

Getting his roots done...
In the early 90's, The Equals, which Dzal originally joined back in 1973, released an independent album called 'Roots' which was co-written by all the members of the band including Dzal. 

Just another rock in the wall...
After this Dzal spent some time writing rock material with producer & artist manager Steve Ancliffe:

One song is currently being considered for release in Germany to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Love that Burns...
In July 2009, during guitar sessions for Barry Gibson, MD of Burn's Guitar:

Dzal contributed the track named 'Clash of the 'Tight 'Uns', to a promotional album which is due to be released to coincide with the 50 year anniversary of Cliff Richard & the Shadows.

A  good album is like a fine wine...
Since 2011, Dzal was working on his own album 'Drawing Horses' and has at last completed and released his own album with some drum tracks performed by the fab Gary Ferguson (Ace LA drummer-Gary Moore, Larry Carlton, John Hiatt, Edgar Winter and many others).

Listen to and purchase Dzal's album 'Drawing Horses' (released Match 2017) here:



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